What is KhaiList?

Khailist help Sales Professionals & Businesses by providing
Unlimited & up-to-date businesses leads for FREE

How do we get leads?

Wondering how we get leads and how we qualify them before giving them to you for your campaign? Read on to find out.

Gather Date

First We gather public business records from all over the web and compiled a database of over 24 million businesses in the United States

3-Step Data Authentication

Then We authenticate each and every lead using a 3-step authentication process to ensure all info is accurate

LIVE Auditing

Our staff of 100+ Auditors then manually call each and every business to verify data and update database

Delivered To You

We then deliver amazingly accurate business leads to you for an awesome price of FREE

Update, Update, Update

Our powerful data gathering Engine and team of auditors constantly update records so you always have up to the minute phone, email, and business leads

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We're a solution for...

A solution for Sale Professionals

Every sales professional should be entitled to affordable and accurate business leads to help generate sales. We created Khailist because we believe successful sales come from more accurate and affordable leads.

A solution for Businesses

Not every new business or startup has the capital to spend on business leads. And that’s where our FREE FOREVER promise comes into play. You don’t have to pay us because our FREE plan should be plenty of leads. As your business grows, hopefully your needs and demand for more leads will as well.

A solution for serious data

At the heart of our operation is a company of 100+ staff members, algorithms, and bots that has a single purpose of delivering the most accurate business leads to you. We’re constantly updating and improving all 24 million businesses in the USA, and passing along that data to you at an affordable cost.